my first marant

{H&M sweater, Topshop shorts, Isabel Marant shoes, Alexander Wang bag}

Originally, I loved these shoes, but I didn't want to want them. They're confusing, too trendy, and a 
little bit ugly. But I had to have them. And now I do, and I love them. You'd think that they'd be hard to
 wear, but I've been pairing them with dresses and two garment outfits left and right. 
Back to the confusing part, my sister had a hard time wrapping her head around the concept of the 
shoe. But I think that's what designers are going for now, to confuse the consumer. For example, this
heinous shoe that I'm growing to love. Is it a loafer, or is it a sandal? Nobody knows. So, is it a gym
 sneaker or is it a 'going out' shoe? Neither. We agreed on an athletic wedge, but not to participate in
 athletic events in, to wear to anything else but a gala or a wedding. 
And so she is now thoroughly unconfused.  


almost off

I'm alive. I've just been so busy with my internship and other aspects of life. I took a long weekend trip
 to Florida a few weeks ago. We visited so many places- Delray, Gulfstream, Boca raton, and Miami.
This past weekend was my nineteeth birthdday! Kevin and I went up to his grandparents hosue in New
 Hampshire for the weekend. I've never been there before so it was nice to explore something new for a
This past week was the last week of my internship before I go to school. I'm going to LIM College in
 Manhattan. I can't wait to finally be living in the city.  So this week is planned to be  a bunch of doctor
 visits, packing, and shopping for forgotten essentials. 



{Free People dress, Dolce Vita shoes, Michael Kors watch, Ray Ban sunglasses}



{Cope dress, Dolce Vita shoes, Anthropologie sunglasses}

My fixation with these Dolce Vita flatforms have been consistently paired with some sort of dress like
 this. I swear they're the most comfortable shoe ever. The buckles and metallic color are so ideal for
summer. I'm already dreading putting them away come fall.
Just got to my beach house on this rainy and miserable day. Heading out for a movie and some sushi
later on.
Enjoy your weekend!


summer stuff

{Dolce Vita shoes, H&M shorts, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, Deux Lux clutch, Caudalie facial spray, Essie Pretty Edgy polish}

Above are a few of my favorite things for summer: Dolce Vita flatworms for looking decent at the
ultimate level of comfort, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for enhancing the perfect beach hair,
Caudalie Facial Spray- my saving grace, Essie 'Pretty Edgy' a fun summer color, Deux Lux studied
clutch, for carrying around only the necessities and for self defense if it calls, and finally H&M lace
shorts from the Conscious Collection. 
I began my Ralph Lauren internship last Monday, between working and vacations the past few weeks
 have been a consistent concept of packing and unpacking. To the point where I haven't had a clean
piece of clothing. I took today to clean/organize/do a hundred loads of laundry. 


vintage cut up

{Vintage tee, Topshop skirt, Deux Lux clutch, Dolce Vita shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses}

Headed to a Kanye West Concert tonight then the beach. 
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!



{Parker dress, Dolce Vita shoes, Deux Lux clutch, Michael Kors watch}

I'm skeptical when it comes to sequins. They can sometimes be gaudy and when they're scary, they're
 petrifying. But the sequins are actually leather so maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with this dress. The
 front neckline is a flat cheaters best friend, its hard to find a dress with this type of neckline. It hangs 
off the body perfectly and the back detail provides an awesome flow of air on these too hot days.


barbie tank

{H&M top, Forever 21 shorts, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Jessica Simpson sunglasses, Michael Kors watch}

This tank reminds me of something one of my old barbie dolls would wear, on one of her more laid
 back days, with a pair of blue jeans. When I was younger I had the most ridiculous Barbie collection.  I
 kept them all in this handmade display/showcase my dad made for me. My babysitter would make my
 barbies matching outfits to dresses that I had. I was a bit spoiled. 


what could be better than...

{photo taken with Istagram}

...a collaboration between Free People and Jeffrey Campbell? Nothing, absolutely nothing.  Given to
 me as a graduation gift from my oh so trendy boyfriend. I feel like I belong in the first century Roman
 Empire when I wear them. For the longest time I was debating wether to get them or not, they're 
obviously such a specific style. I'm indecisive, sometimes I just need people to buy things for me. 



 {Vintage top, H&M skirt, Dolce Vita shoes}

Wearing another one of my Grandma's jewelry creations. It's just a bunch of long beaded necklaces
 twisted around each other and clasped in the back. It's one of my favorites because you can add or
subtract more or less necklaces to it.
These new Dolce Vita booties have recently been creeping into everyone of my outfits. They're the
most perfect pop of color, that's not too over the top obnoxious.