I'm sure everyone is aware that Lady Gaga is featured on the Rolling Stone cover for July 2010. It will be available to purchase at newsstands Wednesday June 23rd. So There's no doubt that I'm a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. I admire how independent she really is and how much she truly loves her fans.

"When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl, Then I say, 'Bitch, you're Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.' " 

"If I were to ever, God forbid, get hurt onstage and my fans were screaming outside of the hospital, waiting for me to come out, I'd come out as Gaga," 
Gaga told editor Neil Strauss.

I also love her music and I love how she is a pop star who is different and speaks intelligently about important issues such as gay rights, AIDS awareness, and feminism. 

In a recent interview Gaga Said:
"Yes. Yes I am. I am a feminist. I reject wholeheartedly the way we are taught to perceive women. The beauty of women, how a woman should act or behave. Women are strong and fragile. Women are beautiful and ugly. We are soft spoken and loud, all at once. There is something mind-controlling about the way we're taught to view women. My work, both visually and musically, is a rejection of all those things. And most importantly a quest. It's exciting because all of the avant-garde clothing, and musical style and lyrics that at one time was considered shocking or unacceptable are now trendy. Perhaps we can make women's rights trendy. Strength, feminism, security, the wisdom of the woman. Let' make that trendy."

The pictures that were taken and the amazing pop star that they were taking of is wonderful. But more importantly, who took these photos. 
Terry Richardson. 
Yup, the same Terry Richardson who sexually harassed young models. 
So it's not that I don't like the pictures Richardson took of Gaga, its that Gaga allowed someone to shoot her who contradicts everything that she believes in and preaches about. Rolling Stone is a popular magazine and Terry Richardson is a popular photographer, so it's very understandable to not be able to turn these things down, but why would she shoot with someone who disrespects young female models but still manages to call herself a feminist. 

None the less I'm so excited for her new album to come out! She is releasing it this New Years Eve at midnight!

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