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A few of my followers have been asking for a post of the skin products and make up I use, so here it is!

So for face make up I don't use much, just Bare Essentials powered blush and foundation. If I am using  liquid foundation, I like to apply it with a sea sponge, which you could purchase at any Sephora store. As a base for blush, I like to use Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge, I swear your blush will stay on all day. 

I use an all natural organic mascara, I purchased at Harmon's, I'm not sure who its by but it's great. I rarely use eye shadow, but when I do I love Dior's. Colors are Matte and Shiny Duo, both part of the Nude Look, and both super natural looking. I also use Fresh on my brow bones, to lighten it up. Colors are China Pearl, Peach Butterfly, and White Rose. Sometimes I use White Rose (the pinkest one) as a blush, it works great and stays on both eyes and face. Sometimes I use Laura Mercier's eye creme color for a more metallic look. I love L'Oreals liquid liner. Its easy to apply and stays on all day.

For lips I use many products, but my favorites are Fresh's and MOR. I love Fresh's Sugar Plum lip treatment. It has just the right amount of color in it and a SPF of 15. I also use MOR's lip delight. This product is more of a moisturizer. I also like all of the other products the company has. They're all natural and don't test on animals!
My all time favorite perfume is Coco Chanel's Mademoiselle. I absolutely love the fragrance. I would suggest the Eau de Toilette, just because it's a lighter sent.

I absolutely love Cetaphil products. They're amazing. I use their face cleanser and their moisturizer everyday and I am in love with them. Also the new Vaseline with cocoa butter in it is great for dry skin areas and dry lips. And for an on the go moisturizer I use Pre de Provence in lavender. Its greasy but gets the job done. And its 20% organic!
Hope this was helpful and answered some questions!

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