Prom Dresses

Tony Bowls
Theres no such thing as too many sequins! The style of this dress is so simple but the millions of sequins just make it gorgeous. And theres actually pink-ish jewels along the top of the dress. 

Tony Bowls
I like the beading and jewels on this dress but I'm not too crazy about the bottom poofyness. 

I like the vibrant colors in this dress, they're all sequins. But I don't know if I like the halter top it has going on. 

I absolutely LOVE this dress. I like how the top is sweetheart cut and simple, and then bottom is amazing. You can't really see it but the bottom half is beaded. 
This dress also comes in black and a nude/neutral color. 

I really like the whole fading thing this dress has going on but 
the deep v-cut is kinda boring. 

I like this dress because of the top and its cut, its very different. 
A little revealing but thats okay. 

Love love love the back of this dress, but the front is just oh so boring. Too boring to even post a picture of it. 

This is the dress I wore to prom last year. This picture is actually really deceiving, the sequins are actually pink, green, tan, yellow, gold, and silver. 

It's coming. Prom may seem 3-4 long months away but it'll be here before you know it. Everybody wants to look good for their prom, who wouldn't? So the intense shopping for the perfect dress and accessories and the booking of hair and make-up appointments is important. Many people look at shopping for a dress a "dilemma" or a "problem" but to me it's the ultimate experience. (but to me all types of shopping are) So don't make it stressful or a chore. Its fun! When you go into a dress store make it a priority to try on at least one dress, if you don't try on a style you consider, you won't even know if it will look good or bad on you. So be spontaneous. A few of you have asked me to do a post on prom dresses so I hope this is helpful! Good Luck!

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