Nail Polish
I have quite the obsession with nail polish, I don't really have any favorites but I like darks, pastels, and corals the most. Nail polish can finish off any  look and makes you feel and look more put together. The above nail polishes are from American Apparel. My favorite/most recent nail polish purchase from AA is: Rose Blow
Favorites by OPI
Above is the Katy Perry nail polish by OPI. My favorite is the crackel one (farthest one to the right.) First you paint your nails a solid color then use Crackel for a top coat and it looks like broken glass! So cool.
Mad as a Hatter.
This is from the Alice in Wonderland Collection. It's a mixture of all different color sparkles, which makes it very difficult to remove, but worth it because it looks so great on. It was my favorite until it dried out. :(

Favorites by Essie

This is their Fall Collection. My favorite is Sew Psyched (the light/dark green)

This color is by Topshop (one of my favorite stores)
Its called Silver Bullet. 

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