Essential #4
Boyfriend Knit Cardigan
There are so many different types and styles of cardigans, also with different designs. But my all time favorite is the Boyfriend Cardigan. They're my favorite because they can just go with anything. Although the ones with beading and design on them are pretty, I tend to stick with the pain solid color because they're so easy to wear with anything and they're perfect for finishing off any outfit. The Boyfriend Cardigan is also very convenient. It's the perfect thing to resource to to wear over a dress or even jeans and a shirt. 
The cardigan above is my favorite one that I have. I bought it at Club Monaco while interning with them over the summer. It's so comfortable and easy to wear with any outfit. 

This is another one of my favorites, from Paul Smith Jeans, that I recently bought in Philadelphia. Everyone needs a black cardigan at one point or another. 

This isn't the boyfriend cardigan style, but I thought that I'd share this with you. i recently purchased this sweater online from Gaiam. This sweater is made from organic cotton and with 100% all natural materials. Not only do I love the organic, all natural part, but it's such a unique sweater. Theres countless ways to wrap it and its perfect to make a boring plain outfit exciting. 

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