These bangles are my absolute favorite piece of jewelry I own. You can basically wear them with just anything to top off the look. Plus you can wear them with other bangles, watches, beads, anything. 
 hellllooo there
I found these bangles on the sale rack at Saks. (score!) So I obviously felt obligated to get them. I really like them because they're so different. AND because they were on sale. 
And I'm so sorry for my naked nails. 

There are hundreds of different kinds of bangles. From huge chunky ones, funky ethnic styles, or thin ones.  The good thing about them, is that they're available in precious and nonprecious materials. I like to stick to metals and plastics while shopping for bangles. Bangles are definitely my favorite piece of jewelery. They can be found in high end stores, such as Saks, or on the streets. Personally, I would rater go to South Street or to a vintage thrift store to shop for bangles, you find more unique pieces here.  I like to mix chunky ones and tin ones to pile on. i suggest mixing all sorts of different materials, like the wood with the silver. See what works for you.

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