Dad's Baume & Mercier watch mixed with my favorite gold bangle and deep red beaded bracelet.  I know I said I don't like to splurge on watches, but this is just such a simple watch that I can pretty much wear with anything. And plus, I didn't splurge on it, my Dad did!
 Vernier Watch. Purchased at Lord and Taylor. This watch is actually hard to wear 
because of all its bright colors. I actually haven't worn this watch out in a 
long time, its hard to pair with the right outfit. 

 Gifted Lucky Brand watch. I really like this watch because unlike the one above, its quite 
easy to wear. I love pairing it will both thin and large bangles, it just simply completes it. 
Pulsar watch, I've actually never heard of this watch brand. This watch was given to me by my wonderful Grandma. This watch doesn't actually work. I guess I'm just to lazy to bring it to the jewelers to be fixed. But as I said, who looks to their wristwatch for time now a days? 
 Tommy Hilfiger watch. This is more of a Spring/Summer watch. Paired with a turquoise bracelet.

Last but not least, my favorite watch. I have no idea who makes makes this watch, it looks like it says, Bulova. I can't tell over all the dust and dirt in it. But that's what makes it my favorite, it's so vintage. This watch definitely does not work, I wouldn't even attempt to get it fixed. Ever since I got it from my Grandma the arms have been in that same diagonal line.

Now that we have our cell phones to tell us time, watches have become pure fashion items to us. There are many ways to go when shopping for a watch. Depending on your shopping fund, your personality, and your style. To me, purchasing a watch that could, instead, buy you an entire new wardrobe is just silly. So brands like Rolex and TAG Heuer are just not options for me. Just because new styles of watches are going in and out often. So vintage ones, Lucky Brand, a Timex, or even a plastic Swatch would suffice for me. Or, you can be spontaneous and opt for a men's watch. Men's watches look spectacular mixed in with bangles or tons of beaded bracelets. It just depends on your personality and style.

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  1. I really love the vintage watch. It's definitely a Bulova, which are easy to date by checking the engraving on the bag of the face.