When winter comes around and temperatures really start to plummet we love to 
turn to a pair of nice, comfy, warm boots. Therefore any type of boots are 
entitles to be essential number six. Above is a  pair of booties that I have been 
thinking about purchasing. For some reason I really like heel booties. 
I recently got these boots from Steve Madden and have been loving them. 
My favorite part is the red zipper along the inside. That's actually the reason I
 bought them. Plus they're super comfy!
I suppose you could call these booties. But more clogs. Anyway I got these a while ago, 
but don't think I've ever posted about them. They're by Jeffrey Campbell and my most 
favorite pair of shoes I own. They are actually very comfortable and go nicely 
with mostly everything. On the plane back home from Texas I left them in a bag 
in the overhead. I know, devastating. BUT the airport found them and they 
should be getting to me any day now!
These are also Jeffrey Campbell, I've also been thinking about this pair, but I feel like 
they're too similar to the ones above. Plus pretty much all the shoes I own 
are black. I've been trying to be a bit more spontaneous with the shoes 
I purchase, basically no more buying black shoes.

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