The other day one of my teachers brought something very interesting up upon the conversation of most girls wearing UGGs. Girls are not getting the full experience of shoe shopping while buying UGGs. UGGs are pretty much sold at most department stores and lots of shoe boutiques and outlets. But whats the fun in going into a Nordstrom and saying, "Uggs, chestnut, size 7, please" Girls are being deprived of one of the most, to me at least, exhilarating and joyful experiences out there. You don't get to walk buy the table covered in Christian Louboutin's that are so close, yet so far away. Feet were made so we could wear beautiful shoes! Don't get me wrong, UGGs are very comfortable and very convenient...to wear to SAT class at 9 o'clock in the morning on a Sunday and that's why they're Essential Number 6. Because they're that pair of shoes that you can just throw on with anything at anytime. I'm not saying to go spend your entire life savings on Christian Louboutin's, but just look at them and think how much you would love to have them at least. It's both torturing and beautiful. If you are about to purchase a pair of UGGs, be a little spontaneous and try some of 

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