{top- Acne Dolphin, shorts- Banana Republic, belt- F21}


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    First - I adore that top! I'm loving fringe right now!

    Second - The hair. The colour is called ombre. And yes, I went to a salon to have it done. I know that people do it themselves but I wouldn't risk it, I think it's a lot harder to get right than it looks. My colourist took a long time to do it, and she used this technique where she back-combed each section before applying the bleach.

    I think it would look great on you if you did it! I think it looks best on people with natural blonde or light ashy-brown hair like yours. And it's very low maintenance because there are no root touch-ups!

  2. The first time I had it coloured was only a few weeks ago, but I suppose the frequency of touch-ups would depend on how much of the lighter colour you want in your hair...in theory you could just keep letting it grow and it would look fine for quite a long time (months) without needing to be touched up.

    I don't find it damaged my hair too much, but obviously stripping colour does tend to make your hair coarser. If you don't dye your hair too much it should be fine. You'll have to ask your stylist though. The only thing I really noticed was that the bleaching did minimize some of my natural wave, which was kind of weird and unexpected! But all-in-all I'm happy with it! I think it's an easy way to go lighter and again, it's super low maintenance.

    Hope that helps!