eat more kale
{top- Eat More Kale, sweater- Lauren Conrad for Kohl's, shorts- Haute Hippie}

If you haven't heard of Eat More Kale, that's okay. If you haven't heard of kale, that's not okay. Today 
I was talking with a friend who had no clue what kale was. So for all of you who don't either, I will 
inform you. Kale is a super food! Kale is actually a form of cabbage that contains high iron, Vitamin C,
Vitamin A, and calcium. Hence super food, it does great things for you. Especially if your a vegetarian
 like myself, you can eat kale in salads, soups, or in smoothies (kale and pineapple is the best!).
So to get back to Eat More Kale, its a company that originated in Vermont by a lovely man named Bo.
Who kindly sent me out this 100% organic cotton tee shirt. These shirts are hand printed by Bo, not by a
 factory. They're 100% organic cotton and printed using water based ink. To order a shirt visit www.eatmorekale.com


  1. Cute T! + the shorts are really cute as well, I want them! :D

    Thank you for the sweet comment you left at my blog, I am following you now! (: Do the same back?

  2. Such a cute T! + The shorts are gorgeous, I want them! :D

    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog the other day, it is muchly appreciated!
    I am following you now, follow me back? :]