{top Urban Outfitters, shorts- Banana Republic, boots- Ralph Lauren}

As you can see hurricane Irene hit my town pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as some surrounding towns. I
haven't heard or seen too much damage, just some flooding and a few fallen down trees. It rained throughout
the night Saturday and for a few hours in the morning on Sunday.Till about one on Sunday we were one of
the lucky ones to still have power, but then it went out. Its really amazing how much we rely on electricity and
internet in our lives. After sitting around with my sisters and Kevin for about an hour we decided to attempt a
board game. Once we opened it and realized it was never used and we'd have to put it together we gave up.
Anyway the hurricane gave me a good reason to get some use out of my new Ralph Lauren rain boots.
I hope everyone is safe from the storm and enjoying the rest of their summer!


  1. This boots are simply amazing. How it is possible to look so good in rainboots and so big t-shirt? But you made it!

  2. Awesome pictures