Sorry for my recent disappearance. I've been living the life of an Amish person for the past few days. This
recent snowstorm has caused so much commotion in my town, there's branches and wires down
everywhere. I haven't had power for nearly five days so I haven't been able to get Internet. It's driving me
insane, my house is like an ice box its so cold. So tonight I'm staying at my cousin's house and mooching off
her Internet/power/hot water/food until I get power back at my house. Going a day or two without power is
sort of doable, but not five days. I've literally read every issue I"m subscribed to for October twice, finished a
book I'm reading and cleaned my room/closet to perfection. Above are just a few random pictures from this
month and some earlier posts.
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Great pictures! You have a lot of rings;).

    xx Laura