{top- Liz Claiborne, paints- Urban Outfitters, shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, sunglasses- Anthropologie}

Power is back people! And I couldn't be happier. The only thing there was to do out of the house was
 shop. And maybe a few other things but I went with the shopping. Which resulted in these new Jeffery
 Campbells. I love all the little details, like the tassels on the laces, and the tiny indents on the toe. I seem
 to always be overly satisfied with his shoes. These are my very first pair of flat Jeffrey Campbells, I
never really saw the point in buying flat ones or really paying any attention to them. I suppose his sky
high platforms and extravagant wedges caught my eye more. But I really do like these, they just need
some breaking in like every pair do. 

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  1. Love your shoes! Great blog! Following:)